Bootloader: First Day's Progress

So, this post is a day or two late, but I haven’t had time to work on it since then so this is still current information:  I got something to boot!

OS Design Questions and Initial Steps

A much as I want to just jump in and start writing a bootloader, I know that I need to at least make a cursory attempt at some design decisions first.  After reading a thread on OS design archived by the site, it seems that I have more decisions to make than I first realized.  Well, that’s what this project is about (learning, that is), so let’s make a list of some design decisions that will need to be addressed (I’ll update the post when I make a decision on some of these).

Random Thoughts, Day Two

Last post I mentioned that I have a fair amount of projects rattling around in my head. What I think I’m going to do is start to write down my thoughts on these projects here, which should serve to do two things: first, it will give me something to write about; and second, it will give me a place for “brain dumps” every now and then, so that I can refer back to them myself.


Well, I give up on doing anything useful with this blog thing. The problem is, I don’t just want to delete it, for reasons that I can’t really understand. I’ve thought about using it for things I want to write that would turn out longer than a Facebook status update should be, and for stuff I don’t really care if anyone else ever reads; but that never seems to come to fruition.

Dealing with Email Phishing Attacks, Part I

Institutions of higher education seem to attract quite a bit of attention in the way of email phishing attacks.  I’m  fairly sure other types of institutions get with with phishing attacks as well, but since I work for a university, that’s the pool I happen to play in and the one I know best.

State of the Crosseroads, as it were

I was told the other day that I don’t update this site often enough. Either the people who told me that were playing a mean joke on me, or they actually cared about what I was writing. (At this point I’m going with somewhere in-between, leaning more towards the former.) Either way, it got me to thinking. Could I update more often? Probably. Do I have enough interesting things to write about? Depends on what your definition of “interesting” is, I guess.