Mac OS X Lion: My Take, Part I - Mission Control

Everyone is going to have their own opinion of Apple’s new operating system, Lion (10.7 for those of you keeping count). I upgraded both my personal MacBook Pro and the work iMac yesterday during lunch, and before I went home I had three full pages of hand-written notes–both good and bad–detailing my initial impression with the new OS. At this point I’ve only used Lion for a day-and-a-half; in all probability I’ll find other depressing quirks and unexpected niceties that could be added to these notes.

Who knew creating a filesystem was difficult?

It turns out that trying to create your own filesystem is a bit more difficult than one might expect. I have been nose-deep in various documentation about filesystem theory and the layouts of various popular filesystems for a little over a week. (Okay, okay, so most of it begins with “", but still–lots of good information out there.)

Things I have learned, after the break.

The Search for a Decent Linux Distribution

I’ve been using some form of Linux since somewhere during the last half of 1998.  In that time, I’ve used quite a few of the various distributions that are out there.

Catching Up

See, this is the boat I didn’t want to be in.  I have written anything down in a few days, and already I’m trying to figure out what I want to write, how much I want to write, and even IF I want to write.  So I’m forcing myself to write something, which (thankfully) isn’t too terribly hard considering I have about three topics I want to write about.  I just need to sit down and do it.  That’s all–this post is also testing a post format that WordPress calls an “aside”, so I figure it doesn’t need to be long.