I was told the other day that I don’t update this site often enough. Either the people who told me that were playing a mean joke on me, or they actually cared about what I was writing. (At this point I’m going with somewhere in-between, leaning more towards the former.) Either way, it got me to thinking. Could I update more often? Probably. Do I have enough interesting things to write about? Depends on what your definition of “interesting” is, I guess.

When I started this experiment, it was solely going to be used for techy things and not for cataloguing the minutiae of my day. I still want to maintain that to a large degree–at least I don’t want this to become my dumping ground for any rant or rave that travels through my head.

The moral of the story: look for more posts from me in the future. Between working as an Exchange administrator by day and playing with OpenBSD after hours, I can probably whip up a few more articles about…well, something-or-other.