Basic Network Configuration with Windows 8

With Windows Server “8”, you no longer have to use netsh to set IP addresses from the command-line. Thanks to the new NetTcpip module, you can do a whole lot more network configuration via PowerShell.

NIC Teaming with Windows 8

It’s pretty easy to create a NIC team with Windows Server “8”. If you have tried with previous versions of Windows you know that third-party software was required. Now, it’s just a cmdlet away.

Lion Resources (and a Little Humility)

As my friends and coworkers will tell you, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with checking my site stats for the past few days.  I’m not lying when I say that the four posts I wrote about Lion and the ensuing visitors to this site now account for almost 13% of my total views–since 2008.  None of the numbers involved are all that high, mind you, but they’re higher than I really ever thought I’d see on this little old site.  Still, it’s hard not to see your view count “skyrocket” and think you’re doing something right and/or helping others who seem to be having similar problems.  I’ll admit it:  I found some pride somewhere in all this.

Mac OS X Lion: My Take, Part IV – App Resume, Auto-Save, Miscellaneous

It’s Sunday and I’m really trying to fight off the urge to go take a nap instead of finishing up my little series on Lion. Over the past couple of days I’ve written down my thoughts on Mission Control; the Mail, iCal, and Address Book apps; and changes in Finder, spelling auto-correct, and some miscellaneous preferences. This final post will concern the new Application/OS Resume, Auto-Save and Versions, and a couple of miscellaneous applications for which I didn’t have enough to say to warrant creating another post.

Mac OS X Lion: My Take, Part II - Mail, iCal, and Address Book

Next up in my mini-series detailing my initial impressions with Lion is the PIM suite: Mail, iCal, and Address Book. (Be sure to read parts I, III, and IV of the series.) I won’t say I’m a heavy email or calendar user (I’m not a manager or anything… ;-)), but I am an email admin, and a persnickety one at that. I expect my mail and calendaring applications to behave in a certain way, and when they don’t, my feathers get ruffled and I get annoyed. Continue reading for a (probably too lengthy) list of pros and cons about Lion’s PIM suite.