As my friends and coworkers will tell you, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with checking my site stats for the past few days.  I’m not lying when I say that the four posts I wrote about Lion and the ensuing visitors to this site now account for almost 13% of my total views–since 2008.  None of the numbers involved are all that high, mind you, but they’re higher than I really ever thought I’d see on this little old site.  Still, it’s hard not to see your view count “skyrocket” and think you’re doing something right and/or helping others who seem to be having similar problems.  I’ll admit it:  I found some pride somewhere in all this.

Then I went trolling on Google.

It turns out that doesn’t turn up in the first page of search results for pretty much any of the search terms that brought people to the site (which leads me to believe that the users who are finding my site are some pretty persistent people!).  And when you do those searches, a lot better people than me have lent their pens to the topic of Lion.  Don’t mistake me, though; I’m glad people have found my posts useful, if only so that they know someone else feels the same way they do, notices the same things, and holds the same ideas about how things “should work.”

Anyway, enough about me.  Hit the break for a couple of resources that may help you make more sense of Lion.

I’ll add more links as I come across them.  The Ars article should keep you tied up for a while, at least…